Saturday, May 15, 2010

Foods high in protein, iron and vitamins

I cannot eat alot of meat. I had gastric bypass 7 years ago and stay away from heavy foods like steak and beef. I am lacking the vitamins I need

I'm hoping to get some ideas on healthy foods that offer these nutrients my body needs.

I'm also lacking iron and could use some ideas on foods that contain iron.

What is the best kind of cookware to use?

There is so many different celebrities out there promoting their line of cookware. I have bought some of Wolfgang Pucks items as well as Rachel Ray's. I am pleased so far. But, I have not yet bought a set of pots and pans.

Does anyone have any suggestions? They all look different and have different features. I'm looking for something of good value but I want it to last, so the quality is important too.

Quick and Easy Recipes to Share

Quick and Easy

Everyone is always on the go these days. We are all at work, school, ballgames, meetings etc. Who has time for home cooking anymore unless you plan ahead or cook all weekend saving leftovers? Even if you are a stay at home mom, you need some quick ideas so you can save time to spend doing things you love. There has to be some quick and simple recipe ideas out there to help working moms like me. The less ingredients the better.

I watch the cooking channel to get ideas all the time and that helps. But sometimes it is better to hear from everyday people like me. I’m tired of the same old stuff.

I want to share a few of my quick and easy recipes that I like to whip up sometimes. Please share your thoughts ideas and recipes. I need all the help I can get.